Hi tasha I hope we a're able to run into each other!! I'll be downtown from about 5-8. If you cam call me my number is 5195690982

I don’t have a phone but I’m gonna be on granville

I would stress myself to an early period.. fuck.

RIP Mrs. Doubtfire :(

i did it after so long and i am not ashamed it didnt hurt, broccoli, yuck. it wasn’t much, but i did. the anxiety flew over me as soon as i finished. just pretend everything is fine right and it will be right?

*Rolls your opinion into a joint*

detectivegordon said: that should only be insulting if that is the only way they have thought about you. if someone finds you sexually attractive that shouldnt be an insult. if thats the only way they think of you i can understand the frustration

i don’t care what anybody thinks of me, i don’t want them to think anything of me, i don’t want to look good i don’t want the attention. i’m tired of being swung around and stared at and groped. 

my friend told me, that in my small town, all my guy friends have thought about fucking me. 

I don’t want to be an object of lust or want. fuck that. fuck them. 

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