Not a question but I used to admire you the rare times we hung out. Fuck you were hot! Still are. But thought I'd share! :)

So let’s hang out agin who are you

At least on the streets, wherever you go you can sit down alone for maybe an hour or two and there’s someone talking to you and hanging out and maybe they’ve got a joint to share. There’s family anywhere after you’ve been there for three days.
You sort the drug addicts from the drug users. An old man who’s been around for twenty years gives you a toonie and a beer even though it’s his own money spanged and his last beer.
I find the crazy people and become friends. Even the ones nobody likes they entertain me.
I try not to associate with the really bad users because if they’re nearly dead I’ll just hurt myself over a friendship I couldn’t save. There’s at least one friend you’ll find in any city.

" I love you tasha"
no no no I think you’re an amazing person and you’re good company but please no. I don’t want that. I don’t want that on my head. I don’t want you to care that much.

Came back from busking in the rain broke a string
My dad yells at me because I have my cat in a harness. Then he tells me I’m shit and he doesn’t want me around anymore.
So much for the last roof I had to get away to. Not like it was much of a getaway.

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