It’s fucking boring traveling alone. I need a partner. If you’re anywhere in Canada, hit me p I’ll come meet you.

Good Morning and HaPpY 4/20 to you as well. I just want to say that I am so very proud of you for doing what your doing and how you are doing it. You are getting the BEST education in the world by doing so. I tell so many bored kids to just go, pack a pack, stick out your thumb, and go. YOU are proving me right. Thanks for sharing your expierences. Be well. ~ peace™

Thank you very much c:

Sleep on the roof of a mall last night. I’m in Ottawa. Happy 4/20 tumblr, and Canada.
See you at parliament park.

so pretty much did lsd in Calgary at a party I was invited to by some graduates

saw some fucking crazy dude who did too much coke or some shit stab two people, I ran

next fuking morning I see it in the paper and he killed 6.

welp fucking glad I left then shit my trip went weird after that

in thunder bay Ontario

for only till tomorrow, then headed to Ottawa

fucking snow storm in thunderbay

Just got a ride into Winnipeg with a guy that looks exactly like Brian but with brown hair and talks the same and the glasses. Sad face.
Anyways. Winnipeg here I am
Made up a song with my banjo in the train
Got a bunch of awesome rides. Ottawa here I come.

The guy with the banjo has been playing 6 months and can’t believe how good I am after a month and a half. Eeeee. Making things up as I go. People enjoy my playing.
I’m all of a sudden a musician and an artist”?!?
I’m stoked. I just get stoned at the end of the day and find a park and play my banjo till I go to bed.
The life.

i'm sorry if i made you cry with that. i still read this all the time and it makes me sad and it makes me miss you. it's nice to know that you're happy with what you're doing though tasha, it's more than a lot of people can say. i wish you all the best and i'll keep stopping by to say hi. who knows, next time you're in toronto maybe i'll stop up and spend a weekend.

But you aren’t even on Facebook blah 

I’m getting used to being alone with my banjo I don’t need anything else maybe a petrat   Ugh I could use a hug though, and I am stopping in Toronto. 

In kamloops. Got a better case for my banjo. Found a banjo friend and made about 100$ today.
Hello happy travels.
Catching a train early in the morning because there are no hi pri trains running at night here. I’ll be outta here soon. Cx

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